Lynette’s Snark-Posting Litmus Test

To post, or not to post: how do I decide whether or not to tell a jerk what I think? Sometimes the feeling comes over me and I actually type a SNARKY comment or status update;  most of the time, I delete it before posting. I have composed hundreds of snarky comments, most of them …

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My 2017: A Cup of Momentum

I don’t make formal New Year resolutions as I rarely keep them.  Instead, I reflect on the past year: what I find encouraging and what I find wanting. I didn't write as much as I intended to, nor did I read the books I meant to. I missed too many opportunities for physical fitness, and …

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The Best Distraction

I had plans for Monday. Those plans involved gardening and laundry, mostly. I got sidetracked - for the entire day. The distraction absorbed my attention, and I was reminded that it shouldn't be a distraction, but a purposeful, scheduled part of every day. While I ate breakfast and watched the news, I checked my twitter …

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(De-)funding what we care most about: a major flaw in the US educational system

At the end of the school year, nothing has changed. It is likely to get worse. The current US Secretary of Education and the administration that nominated and approved her in this position will no doubt plunder any progress that the experienced, professional educators of this nation have made possible.

Quixotic Yawp

The end of August introduces another academic year, and articles on education appear in newspapers and magazines for the general public. Most of the articles I read focus on building literacy skills, engaging students, encouraging teacher collaboration, or similar aspects of the daily work of teaching. Recently, an article in the Washington Post caught my attention and prompted me to reflect on my experience over the last twenty years as a professional educator. My initial idealistic belief that our society and culture highly values education and learning has been tempered by my experience; I am mystified that our society does not value education. We allow federal and state legislatures to minimally fund education every year.   Educational funding lacks the necessary dollars for quality education and strips teachers and schools of the resources necessary to provide our youth with the most relevant research based learning experiences. If we as a…

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Critical Literacy at the Speed of Technology

Critical Literacy at the Speed of Thought Technology This morning I came across a video on the rapid advancement of technology I shared on social media five years ago. Five years later - has education changed? Not much, the bureaucracy of the U.S. educational system moves at the pace of an age, not a year or even a …

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April Snow: The roses need planting, Part Two

Six weeks ago, I bought roses to plant in my front yard; it was an impulse purchase. The roses were dormant plants with no new growth. Full of possibility. Spring brings that feeling: a sense of hope and renewal. In mid-March in Colorado it is too early to plant, so I decided to wait for …

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