Goodbye 2007… Hello 2008!

Welcome to  quixoticyawp’s debut! 

It’s not that I’m all weepy-eyed about the end of 2007, in fact, I’m damn glad to see the year gone. The new year offers a fresh start in many ways, and I need some freshness in my life. With the end of 2007, outworn expectations, useless flirtations, and incompetent ISP’s just need to go away. Now.

I recently – actually, yesterday – cancelled an email/ISP account that I had used for nearly five years. My contract with them had expired, and I was ready for something new. The difficulty in the whole matter was that the company in question suggested I add more services every time I called with a technical issue. (About twice a year, but that’s not the point – they added “trial” services, then I’d get billed for extra services for which I had not agreed.) What I hadn’t yet learned was that when they ask you if you’d like to try the service for the trial period, they actually start charging you right away. That nonsense had to stop. In October, they had done it to me for the last time. I started the switch to a web-based email address. (It took some people in my list almost two months to stop sending me emails to my “old” email.) It’s a good thing I gave them plenty of warning.

In the meantime, I began researching my best options for ISPs. I found one, and set up my service, but I waited to make sure there were no glitches. Cool. I called to cancel the account three days ago, and yesterday, popped in to check the “old” email inbox, and found a message that I had agreed to a “Premium” email web plan. Once again, this company had signed me up for something I hadn’t agreed to.

Enough was enough. I was prepared. I had new service, and I just had to once again say NO! No more service, cancel it TODAY.

How difficult is it to hear someone say NO?

I called the number, informed the rep that I had called to cancel my service two days prior, then I realized it was not her to whom I had spoken – this person was simply a representative,not an account administrator, and once again I requested that my service be cancelled. (I think I’ll follow up with a certified letter just to cover all my bases.) As no doubt her employers required, the representative asked what the problems were with my service and kept trying to assure me that I could still enjoy their services.

“Lookit, the problem is that whenever I’m on the phone with one of your reps, I seem to get billed for stuff I didn’t ask for or agree to. Please, just cancel the account entirely. I don’t need to keep the email address, and I don’t want the website. I’ve notified all of my contacts and I have a new ISP service with a contract.” I began to fume.

As I was talking to this person, I was busy with final deletions of all my contacts in the web address book. (Jeez, I have a lot of people in my contact list – how did this get so crazy?) When the rep continued to offer me options for service, I finally had had enough. My nice voice was gone, and I was madder than hell. “What part of cancel my service entirely TODAY do you not get? I’m deleting all of my contacts and blocking everyone from this account. I’m done with (company name). I just want it gone. If you can’t cancel this today, just get me your supervisor.”

Well, folks, that did it. Finally, this person understood that I was serious and I did want to completely cancel an account that I had used for almost five years. Insert expletive here.

Here’s to a new start AND a new blog!

Happy New Year!


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