Procrastination: The first episode

Procrastination brought me here today. I promised myself at least one blog entry per month, and thanks to procrastination, this is what I’ve come up with.
A thousand ideas with no connectivity and a blank note page have glared at me for the past several days. I’ve been distracted by that trial in Florida (you know the one), and I’ve had to attend a couple of training sessions for work (the Oh, yippee, a new learning curve challenge is on the horizon kind). I had to mow the lawn, and since the cupboard was bare, going grocery shopping held the highest priority (that, and the fact that only one roll of bath tissue was in the house).
So, in order to keep my promise, I’m posting about the procrastination syndrome infecting my writing life. I’ve resorted to posting a blog that highlights my muse avoidance. Sigh.
I’ve got a lot more to say about procrastination, but I’ll wait until later to clarify.

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