A Cup of Reckoning: The Backside of 2011

This year the calendar betrays me and beckons a reckoning, an evaluation of another year. As I sit to write my 2011 adios, I could revisit the events in the news, but other bloggers will do that – and more eloquently, I’ll bet.  I could review the goals I set at the onset of 2011; however, the list is so sparse that I’m disinclined to make the attempt of a review, although one or two achievements were significant – at least to me.
So, what can I say at the close of 2011? I will simply relate the fate of a tree as a metaphor.  In June, I had to cut down a tree in my front yard that had died. It wasn’t a large tree; in fact, it hadn’t gotten much taller in recent years. I never had a tree expert look at it. I was not especially fond of that particular tree, although I had enjoyed its shade in previous summers.  I suspected it had died in January, but I had to wait for the fullness of spring to be certain of its passing. Once the trunk lay on the lawn, I discovered evidence of bug burrowing, so it had probably been dying for a couple of years – which explains why it had not sprouted new branches.  Even though I miss the shade from that tree, I realize that it had blocked a certain slant of light from view.
That revelation led me to another: perhaps I’ve allowed other things to block my light as well. Someone else planted that tree years before I moved into this house, and I wonder if others have planted things in my life I didn’t choose.  This December I realize it is time for a reckoning of what I welcome into my life: if something is blocking my light, it’s time to evaluate the reason for its presence. If I didn’t invite it, perhaps it’s time to let it go (or, cut it down). Perhaps 2012 will be a year of letting go. I’ll pay attention to that idea.
Given this and other recent insights, 2012 promises to bring new light, fresh perspective, and clarity of thought that 2011 lacked. While I’m not sorry to see 2011 go, I do appreciate the progress I’ve made, albeit in small ways.
I’m not making any resolutions, other than to see with more discerning eyes what I invite into my life.
Always good advice, I’m thinking.

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