Rolling with the Stones… a found poem from song titles

Yesterday I read a news article about the Rolling Stones:

Today, I was inspired to create a “found” poem from song titles.  I am not a huge RS fan but the Rolling Stones have been making music all of my life. While bits of my life are reflected in some of the titles in the poem, the lyrics found within the songs don’t necessarily reflect events or people in my life. (Friends who think they recognize themselves should not think the poem has anything to do with them!) In all, I think the poem works in its own way, and I created it for fun, so… enjoy!

Waiting on Wild Horses: A ‘found’ poem from Rolling Stones song titles

Jumpin’ Jack Flash and Angie (She’s so Cold)

won’t Get Off My Cloud

causing my

19th Nervous Breakdown and I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

from Mother’s Little Helper ~

Paint it Black

I need Emotional Rescue please Gimme Shelter

Midnight Rambler, I Miss You

I said,

Start Me Up, Let’s Spend the Night Together

He replied,

You Can’t Always Get What you Want, I’m with Ruby Tuesday

she’s Under My Thumb.

My Sympathy for the Devil  Shattered

it was The Last Time I was a Fool to Cry.

Time is on My Side,

I’ll be Waiting on a Friend with Wild Horses for me.

If you want to hear the songs in order (it’s amazing!), here you go:


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