A Thanksgiving dream

I lived in a different house, likely built around 1920, probably Victorian in style, and it had at least two floors and featured a long skinny living room with a dark green rug, and bedroom on a higher level with a small doorway near the floor in one corner of the room that entered a passage that led along one side of the house.  I woke up and looked through the little door (like a door for letting animals go in and out) and through that door I saw birds waddling around. A brood of yellow baby ducks, a chattering of songbirds, at least three full grown turkeys – two hens and a tom –  (should I call that a rafter of turkeys since I only recall three?),and  probably a flamingo. Seriously. I admit I’m not entirely sure about the flamingo because it was a dream and in the dream I had just awakened, wondering what the animals were so fussed about, but in that crowd of birds I am sure I saw a flash of pink. In this dream, my German Shepherd Zoie’s mother, Sally was still alive, and she went racing after the turkeys, just as I shouted: “Get ‘em.” I’m fairly sure Zoie was right behind her.

Later, in that long skinny living room, I was arranging big furniture like chests and hutches and my sister and youngest niece were there, as were two young men moving furniture, but in the dream I did not recognize them. I was sorting through piles of earrings for some reason, and the turkeys with Sally in pursuit came running through the room.

I hope this dream is one that I can recall and enjoy its conclusion. I am eager to see why the birds got in and how I manage to get rid of them.

So, my dream life is vivid and amusing. Thank goodness it was just a dream.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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