The roses need planting

Last week I went to my membership club and purchased my usual staples, including coffee, bath tissue, paper towels, and food items. As a single person, I don’t often buy food in bulk unless it is canned or frozen (and I have enough room in the freezer).  While at the store, I spied some rose plants packaged and ready for planting. I bought four different types: Iceberg (white), Proud Land (red), Queen Elizabeth (pink), and Gold Medal (deep yellow).

I enjoy arranging fresh flowers for my home, and it is especially nice to have them from one’s own garden.  Flower arranging is a hobby that relaxes me and often gives me an opportunity to share beauty with others; I often prepare flower arrangements as gifts. I buy flower bunches at the grocery store or the membership club and have fun preparing them. I save glass jars to use as vases so I don’t have to spend a lot of money. Vases can get quite expensive.  Sometimes I order arrangements from a florist to be delivered; looking at the arrangements online gives me ideas.  As for my own garden, I have some rose plants, but they came with the house. I decided on the spot in the store last week that I needed some roses of my own choosing.  Now, I have to plant them.  They have been waiting patiently for me to get to them and get them in the ground, but two things have hindered my progress: Colorado’s peculiar weather and time.

Spring in Colorado is well known for weather induced mood swings. In the last few days, we have had June-like weather blown away by storms bringing snow. I live in the southern Front Range, and we see less snow than the mountains; however, the wind is often a problem.

Last Friday, a storm blew through and left thousands without electricity for hours, some people are waiting – days later – to get power back on. I haven’t heard the news, so I’m not sure if their electricity has been restored. Downed power lines had to be replaced. This storm uprooted trees, damaged fencing, and blew debris across half the state. Several major highways in the state were closed as well. The next morning the blue sky greeted us as if no storm had ever occurred.  In some places, by the afternoon it was snowing.

My roses are not planted due to the storm, and I’m back to work this week, so the extra time I had during spring break has evaporated and my working life has accelerated into full speed with state testing on the schedule for the next two weeks. Also, this Friday is the end of a grading period, so grades are due. And I’m taking four professional development classes this semester, so there’s that. (Yes, I willingly did this to myself. Apparently, I am a perpetual sucker for a goddamned challenge.) Each night I come home and look at those roses, and they are sprouting some serious new growth. They are so full of promise.


Another storm is on the way in the next 48 hours, and I still haven’t gotten the ground prepped for my new roses.

It’s time to go dig up some dirt while the weather is decent and I still have daylight.

Sunday had better be a good Colorado weather day; the roses need planting.



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