April Fool’s Distractions

Saturday, April Fool’s Day, I had a great idea. I wanted to post a photo of flowers and say thank you to all of my friends who posted birthday wishes on my Facebook yesterday. I have taken some nice photos of flowers over the years, so I knew I could find one. [At this point, you’re thinking – Hey! I don’t see a photo of flowers!] About that…

Here’s how I got off track:

I have all of my photos on an external drive, not on my main computer. I don’t use the external drive very often, so I don’t think much about it. Nothing is wrong with my photos, but I got distracted sorting them. I get up for coffee a few times, and on one of my trips to the coffee pot, I start a load of laundry. I found some great photos and I decided I would organize them in folders by year and event, for example, 2014 Stanley Hotel trip. Logical enough. I knew I had taken some photos of flowers in 2012. So, I went to that year, which is/was my former – and still 99% current – method of organizing them. So, for 2012, I found different folders: iPod photos, HP photos, Droid photos, and a few from a Canon Rebel I had borrowed. [I now own a Canon Rebel of my own, but my photography hobby has taken a back seat to my job for too long.]  I started looking through each file to find the flowers, and here’s distraction #1: I had a great year in 2012 and I started reminiscing and decided to reorganize my photos.  I sorted and deleted a bunch of poorly focused, over or under exposed, or ‘what the hell is that?’ types of photos.  Two or three hours later (when I get involved in a project, I completely lose track of time), my dad came by with my birthday card. We talked for a few minutes, and I looked at the clock. YIKES! I needed to go to the grocery store, but I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. Another half an hour and I went to the store. Shopping took a couple of hours from start to finish – including putting the groceries away. At this point, I had totally forgotten about posting a flower photo.

After organizing the groceries, I make lunch. I am not ashamed to admit that I like canned spinach. I had leftover spinach from last night’s dinner (when one lives alone, leftovers are a fairly common occurrence).  I microwaved the chicken and reheated the spinach on the stove. I got on the computer to enter my purchase into my checkbook spreadsheet. Of course, I spent more time than I intended with this task.

Blackened spinach does not taste nearly as good as thoroughly cooked but not blackened spinach. I don’t recommend blackened spinach. Blackened spinach wasn’t part of the plan, but I decided to give it a try. Meh. It wasn’t going to kill me to try it, and I really DO like spinach.

While I’m eating lunch, I check Facebook out of habit, and I see an April fool’s post about politics that I had to investigate. I checked several news sites and twitter – this post would have been ALL over the internet had it been true. It took me a few minutes to remember that today is April fool’s day and this post has taken me into a rousing political quagmire. Good one, I think.  I was fooled – but, I didn’t comment on the post, so thank goodness my naiveté was not recorded for posterity.  And no, I’m not about to confess which post it was – when I looked at it, it had something like 1.5K comments, most of them unkind.   However, I got lost on twitter for a while. Then I poked around on a few news sites.

When I go back into the kitchen with my empty plate, I put clothes in the dryer on my way back to the computer. I get on Facebook again. This time, I see a post showing someone crossing a suspended footbridge across a ravine in what looks like mountains. The question posted with the video is “would you walk across this bridge”? I thought about it, and decided I’d like to know more about the bridge before I answer the question, because I’m the type that will walk across such a bridge even though I am not fond of such terrific heights. Of course, there is zero information about where this damn bridge is, and even in the comments from the source, people asked about the location. Google and YouTube can be helpful, but all I have to go on is a 90 second video with no details about where this suspended footbridge is or who took the video.  My tenacity for finding an answer kicks into full gear.

I Googled “suspended footbridge” and discovered more of these exist than I had a clue about.  I look at still images with no matches to the bridge from the video. I wonder for a moment if the post was another April fool’s gotcha, but I was intrigued. Next, I look at videos.  And then YouTube happens. Those videos just suck a person in. After about thirty videos of suspended footbridges along with some frankly idiotic daredevil videos, I was beginning to think I would not find it. And then, I did another Google search with a slightly different term cable bridges, I think. And I found information about that bridge.  It’s in Italy.

So, my distraction is now complete because I’ve watched videos on the top 10 scariest bridges in the world, the top 10 unique bridges, the 10 least known suspended bridges, and a whole host of other videos. In China, tourists visit a glass bottomed suspended sky bridge.  Videos of grown men crawling across that bridge made me think about how I would manage on a glass bottomed suspended bridge.  I don’t think I would try that one because glass can break, and only framework for the glass would be between me and gravity.  I did find several suspended footbridges in the United States which might be worth a visit, and I discovered a fascinating historic bridge in Spain, now renovated. I also watched videos about the ten unique hotels in North America, and the ten most unusual hotels around the world, and there are some places in Canada that look inviting. The treehouse hotel sounds like a great idea, and the airplane hotel in Costa Rica is fascinating.

After watching all of those videos, I wonder what I will dream about tonight. I have had dreams in the past of climbing high staircases that lead to nowhere. Dreams can feel realistic, as we all know.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get the clothes in the dryer folded and the flower photo posted, but for now, I’m going to eat a very late dinner and crash.


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