The Best Distraction

I had plans for Monday. Those plans involved gardening and laundry, mostly. I got sidetracked - for the entire day. The distraction absorbed my attention, and I was reminded that it shouldn't be a distraction, but a purposeful, scheduled part of every day. While I ate breakfast and watched the news, I checked my twitter …

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The roses need planting

Last week I went to my membership club and purchased my usual staples, including coffee, bath tissue, paper towels, and food items. As a single person, I don’t often buy food in bulk unless it is canned or frozen (and I have enough room in the freezer).  While at the store, I spied some rose …

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Dreaming of the dead: a griever’s unexpected gift

The ones we have lost sometimes visit us in dreams. Fifteen years ago today I lost my beautiful boy. The dream visits used to be more frequent, but this morning just before I woke up, my son Corey appeared in a dream as his 9 or 10 year-old self. His visit was a brief, yet …

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Excerpt from an in-process short story: Grandma Jinnie

Next weekend, I'm meeting for the first time with my new writing group, all professional women I met while working on my MA, and I decided to include an excerpt from the short story I'm sharing with my writing group here. The working title of the story is simply Grandma Jinnie, and the grandmother is …

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Mojo, Motivation, and the Magic of Music

After a short burst of accomplishing small tasks that I had put off for months, the thought that maybe I’d gotten my mojo back popped into my head.  My very next thought was – what the heck IS mojo, anyway? So, off to Google I went in search of the meaning of mojo. Google came …

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Love is Bigger than All of Us

I’ve been reflecting on what I think love is, and to be honest, although I’m a little closer to understanding the nature of love, I still have a lot to learn. Forty years ago Erich Segal provided a well-known quote defining love in his novel, Love Story: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” …

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A Thanksgiving dream

I lived in a different house, likely built around 1920, probably Victorian in style, and it had at least two floors and featured a long skinny living room with a dark green rug, and bedroom on a higher level with a small doorway near the floor in one corner of the room that entered a …

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