My 2017: A Cup of Momentum

I don’t make formal New Year resolutions as I rarely keep them.  Instead, I reflect on the past year: what I find encouraging and what I find wanting. I didn't write as much as I intended to, nor did I read the books I meant to. I missed too many opportunities for physical fitness, and …

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2016: A Cup of Disappointment

2016: A Cup of Disappointment Several years ago I initiated a ‘renewable’ title for my New Year blog posts, the year followed by “A Cup of…” the one word that seemed to encapsulate the year.  The first year I took the idea from “Auld Lang Syne” lyric and the film, It's a Wonderful Life – …

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Mojo, Motivation, and the Magic of Music

After a short burst of accomplishing small tasks that I had put off for months, the thought that maybe I’d gotten my mojo back popped into my head.  My very next thought was – what the heck IS mojo, anyway? So, off to Google I went in search of the meaning of mojo. Google came …

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2014: A Cup of (Dare I Say it?) Wisdom

Here we are. Another year has gotten behind us. Each December 31, I find I’ve procrastinated writing an end of the year post, and this year is no different. The New Year has already begun for most of the planet’s population. And the planet keeps on spinning round the sun. With this title, I claim …

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Love is Bigger than All of Us

I’ve been reflecting on what I think love is, and to be honest, although I’m a little closer to understanding the nature of love, I still have a lot to learn. Forty years ago Erich Segal provided a well-known quote defining love in his novel, Love Story: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” …

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Tending the Garden… Life

I know the metaphor is cliché, but I lack a metaphor more sufficient to adequately reflect my thoughts today.  Please forgive my lack of imagination. In our youth, we plant seeds – the choices of college, career, lifestyle, income level – or at least in an ideal world we choose these things. For some, it …

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A Cup of Reckoning: The Backside of 2011

This year the calendar betrays me and beckons a reckoning, an evaluation of another year. As I sit to write my 2011 adios, I could revisit the events in the news, but other bloggers will do that - and more eloquently, I’ll bet.  I could review the goals I set at the onset of 2011; …

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